Uncle Foxx’s History

From backyard cookouts rooted in Louisiana traditions comes a BBQ sensation that’s packed with Texas size flavor.

Since 1990, a secret recipe was selectively spread to many homes and family reunions throughout the Southside streets of Monroe, Louisiana. As time passed and commitments grew, Warren, the creator of this clandestine cooker’s delight found his calling in the great state of Texas. Committed to making every BBQ experience a life changing event, Warren continued to perfect, distribute, and closely guard his highly sought-after BBQ sauce.

After 4 years or more, Warren threw caution to the wind, grabbed hold of a compass of quality, and held tight to a simple belief that no matter who, what, when, where, why, or how, he would create a sauce that would be perfect for any meat! Today, Warren brings to backyards all across America Uncle Foxx’s Meat Sauce - a small town recipe with a Texas size taste.

Warren’s father serves as the inspiration and namesake behind the Uncle Foxx label, which conjures fond memories of barefoot summer days, playing outside, and enjoying savory food fresh off the grill. The flavors captured in Uncle Foxx’s meat sauces and Kinfolk rubs are more than just a blend of seasonings and spices. These BBQ products are a legacy, a true heritage of passion and emotion brought to life in the form of backyard culinary perfection.

About The Sauce

You certainly won’t find the recipe for any of Uncle Foxx’s sauces on the internet! That’s because the closely guarded secret sensation is constantly protected by Uncle Foxx himself, but he’s eager for you to try his delicious and flavorful meat sauces.

First made famous in Louisiana and then flourishing to prominence in Texas, this dynamic family of meat sauces fuses together a matchless blend of herbs, spices, seasonings and ingredients to create an unforgettable flavor. These savory sauces draw from key ingredients like brown sugar, molasses, hot pepper combinations, garlic and mustard powders, tomatoes, creole mixtures, orange juice, and seasoned flakes from around the world, not to mention our own secret ingredients.

In a unique way, Warren has mastered a method of blending various ingredients to create noted sauces such as:

  • Uncle Foxx’s Original
  • Uncle Foxx’s Chipotle Sauce
  • Uncle Foxx’s Sweet & Hot
  • Kinfolk Seasoned Rubs

Generic meat sauces just don’t cut it. Enjoy just one taste and you’ll be swept up in the flavorful BBQ experience of a lifetime. You’ll undoubtedly agree that Uncle Foxx’s meat sauce is the clever sauce for any meat.